18 Eki 2012

Başka Kafalar - 1

(Aydın) Irmak, born in Istanbul, is what one might call a connoisseur of the art of living. He emigrated to the United States as a young man, studied finance in New York and then opened a shop selling designer furniture. When the shop went out of business and Irmak's marriage fell apart, he ended up on the street, sleeping under bridges in Queens. In 2009, he began repairing old bikes he found in the trash and selling them. A year later, Irmak began a trip around the world by bicycle. He arrived in Kathmandu in November 2011. While having dinner at a restaurant, he hit upon the idea of climbing Everest while carrying his bike. 

Sonra işte bisikleti götürmesine izin vermiyor Nepalli otoriteler, Aydın Baba da zaten tırmanış esnasında ölümlerden dönüyor. Aha burada ayrıntılar.

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