24 Eyl 2010

"With God damn Erzincan!"*

One day God will give trouble really Erzincan . Are collected after the morning shift I has in the kitchen . Erzincan , but it does not interfere with City and fancy dinners preparing a taxpayer 's sake . Two weeks ago in the garden, a sacrificial lamb, the back of the leg with vegetable stew , permission from the new revolving Erzurum brought indigenous crop beans from the wonderful stews , tasteless Alaman rice in plenty of butter , black pepper, rice , fresh greens from the shepherd's salad. cıgaralar burned after dinner , sleep crashes , letter paper, place cards dating , tea is brewed , is drawn into some corner , some into their own , despite some sharp kesene mane I has garden .

After hanging on the wall to connect to download , is removed from the Erzincan case based . Does not download with the possible long Erzincan , Erzincan, unless interests with no potential . With God damn Erzincan . Erzincan not sound good , but in fact, confounded by the dominating instrument . Have you picked is Tezene rapture . Huge , molded , a man of such timber . You'd see out there , this man , it sounds hollow it out from the life of the mind can not stop . Erzincan in the village forest, close to you knows but Erzincan each in a timber , a woody of got it at the factory eight hours nonstop bolts frequently watched if you after a while it's end of the day approached as human identity stand out from that arm a tree branch is like new buds begin to extend her husband 's body is scaly , the sweat of the resin, with bushy eyebrows bangs falling in the face of occasionally replacing a leaf can think , bolts from the nation's common to think that a hornbeam tree . Social life of the plant other City beauty of Ali with the same sight not to be founded by the City , the German captain disappeared when those rare times her side to look at " Lan keresteeee , "cried not in vain that is . Ali could not resist the intervention said: " My son is regular lumber , timber , this timber man ... "

" With God damn Erzincan ! God's logs ! splitting of Allah ! He 's snagged one! "

Erzincan one day God will give trouble indeed. getting into the hands of connecting with the clinking of tea, place it cuts like a knife is involved , the buzz of gossip diver , who attempted to nap and snore in a letter to the board table stood in the ticking . While her husband is often a bolt that Erzincan with hornbeam tree , the new grown into an elegant tree is an ornamental cherry tree, while a blow to the heart . Examines , is smaller , is shrinking , will soften the joints , arms, neck and lips out to the Zoo Station in front of the claw of blond German lady who defied the world , such as the hip becomes loose . Everyone is silent , a forest and out into the woods in Erzincan is lost. Everyone is silent , listening to chat Erzincan cherry tree . Everyone is silent , because the seeds are falling with Erzincan .

"God damn Erzincan with ! "

One day God will give trouble really Erzincan . He closes his eyes , after a short girizgâh not very good but also as Izmir , said fruit starts with a beautiful voice :

Our path abroad fell
Sad sad hearts cry
came together hasretlik
heart strangely networks

" With God damn Erzincan ! "

One day God will give Erzincan trouble indeed. Confounded by the hand break , tongue-tied when you go into the next world will see with Erzincan , one of the greatest sin in this world a I ha whole adult male was to cry at the same time . On that day Allah will give trouble Erzincan .

Until that day ; sad sad hearts cry ...

* Oğlum Google Translate çok eğlenceli bir şey yav. Our man in "Air of Complacency" bildirdi...

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